Stationary Compactors

Maximize container weight with the best compactors around! Compactors are built to suit: Dock Mounts, Full Enclosures, Chutes, and Hopper Feeds available. All equipment is fabricated to meet your specific needs. Contact us to see which models and applications are right for you.

Product Details
  • Name Brand Equipment
  • 2, 3, and 4 Yard Packing Units
  • 4 to 12 Yard Industrial Packing Units
  • Standard to Extra Heavy Duty Models
  • Options Built to Your Needs
Stationary Compactors
Stationary Compactor
Let us help you decide which Stationary Compactor will be best for your recycling program

Self Contained Compactors

Self Contained trash compactors are a standard for any grocery store or industry with wet solid waste. Self Contained compactors allow for maximum container weight while eliminating waste on the ground from a receiver to container connection.

Product Details
  • Name Brand Equipment
  • Built with Quality and Name Brand Parts
  • 1 to 2 Yard Packing Compasities
  • 10 to 30 Yard Container Sizes
  • Single and Twin Cylinder Models
  • Options to Suit Your Needs.
Custom Loading Options For Your Specific Needs:
  • Side Feeds w/ Doors
  • Hopper Feeds
  • Custom Fabricated Thru the Wall Chutes
  • Walk on Decks w/ Safety Gates
  • Custom Built for Your Specific Requirements
Self Contained Compactor
Self Contained 01
Self Contained Compactors
Self Contained 02
Side Feed W/Doors
Self Contained 03
We can help you decide which self-contained compactor is right for you.

Screw Auger Style Compactors

Augers pre-crush and compact in one powerful motion. While processing material, the auger continuously runs in a forward direction, crushing and reducing the size of what its is fed.

Product Detials
  • Electric Motor Driven (No Hydraulics)
  • Constant Running Capability
  • Faster Cycle Time Vs. Compactors
  • Ability to Crush Wood Pallets w/o Unit Damage
  • Works Well with Refuse, Cardboard, and Non-Ferrous Materials
Models Designed For
  • Retail
  • Restraunts
  • Malls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Pallet Recycling
  • Manufacturing
Sani Tech Auger
Sani Tech Auger | Screw Auger
Sani Tech Receiver Can
Sani Tech Receiver Bin
Sani Tech Auger
Sani Tech Auger
We can help you decide if an Auger Style compactor needed for your recycling program.

Pre Crusher Compactor

Pre-Crusher Compactors crush large material before compacting waste in a container. Perfect for industries that dispose of bulky items such as; pallets, furniture, etc.

Product Details
  • Available in 3, 4, 5, and 7 Yard Loading Capacities
  • Standard and Heavy Duty Models Available
Models Designed For
  • Thrift Stores
  • Furniture Retail
  • Salvage / Recyclers
Pre-Crush Compactor
Pre Crush compactors
We can help you decide if a Pre-Crush Compactor is needed for your recycling program.

Apartment & Vertical Compactors

Apartment and Vertical Compactors provide a waste solution for areas with minimal space for waste containers. Perfect for Apartment Complexes, Restaurants, and Small Retail.

Product Detials
  • Apartment Compactors
    • 1/2 Yard Capacities
    • 2 and 3 Yard Containers
  • Vertical Compactors
    • 3, 4, 6, and 8 Yard Compactors
  • Self Contained X-Press Pack Compactors
    • Front Load Compactors
    • 4 and 6 Cu Yard Compactors
    • Self Contained Unit Reduces Waste on the Ground
Models Designed For
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Restaurants
  • Small Retail Stores
Apartment/Vertical Compactor
Vertical Compactor
Apartment/Vertical Compactor Express
Vertical Compactor Express
Apartment/Vertical Compactor
Vertical Compactor Black
We can help you decide if an Apartment / Vertical Compactor needed for your recycling program.