Vertical Balers

Vertical Balers are a standard for many retailers, grocery stores, and manufacturing facilities. A 60″ wide baler is the industury standard, but smaller or wider models are available. Contact us so we show you what models are available to fit your needs.

VB Vertical Baler
VB Vertical Baler
Let us help you decide which vertical baler will be best for your recycling program.

Horizontal Balers

Horizontal balers are perfect for all types of industry. Save labor baling in a horizontal baler versus a downstroke baler. Combine with conveyor systems for maximum performance. Due to a wide range of setups and options, we design each model to suit your specific needs.

Product Details
  • Name Brand Equipment
  • Closed Door Models
  • Open End Models
  • Auto Wire Tie Models
  • Standard to Heavy Duty Lines
Designed For
  • Hopper Feeds
  • Conveyor Feeds
  • Air Feeds
  • Built to your Needs
Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Closed Door Horizontal Baler
Open End Horizontal
Open End Horizontal Baler W/ Conveyor
Auto Wire Tie Baler w/Conveyer
Closed Door Horizontal Baler w/Conveyer and Shredder
Closed Door w/Conveyor and Shredder
Let us start designing your medium scale recycling program.

2 Ram Balers

2-Ram auto wire tye balers are a must for any large scale recycling operation. The ease of auto wire tye balers maximize output increasing a recyclers output of materials, while reducing labor costs.


All two ram balers are designed and built custom to fit your requirements. We take pride in offering the best equipment available, with the service to back it up.

Product Details
  • Designed and built for your needs.
  • High bale weights on baled material.
  • Ability to bale most non-ferrous recyclables.
  • Lowest total cost per bale.
  • Models from low volume to high production balers.
Closed Door Horizontal Baler
2-Ram Auto Tie Wire Baler
Let us start designing your large scale recycling program.